Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Waking Hearts to Life

Lazarus.  Dorcas.  Jairus's daughter.  JESUS.

All of these are people were raised from death to life.  They were physically dead.  No heartbeat.  No blood pumping through their veins.  No breathing in & out.  And they were made ALIVE.

These stories are amazing to us.  Miraculous.  But unheard of?  We tend to think that God doesn't work those kinds of miracles anymore.  

A doctor can keep someone's heart beating, even if only through the work of machines.  A doctor can pump breath into a patient's lungs.  A machine can breathe for someone who can't do it on his own.

But what about spiritual life?  Only Jesus can wake someone to real, eternal, forever life.  Do we take note of that miracle every day?

The heart beating in my chest is every bit as much of a miracle as those that Jesus raised from physical death.

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