Tuesday, August 20, 2013

21 Graces | Week 2

Linking up (a little late...) with Jordy Liz Blogs again this week for 21 Graces.

one. A short-lived thunderstorm.  As much as I love all the sunshine & 70s-weather in California, I like rain & I miss it.  It rained for about 10 minutes the other night & everyone at our apartment complex was going outside to look.

two. Hanging things on the walls!  At our old apartment, we found out we'd probably be moving to Cali pretty soon after we moved in, so we never bothered to hang anything.  I'm ready to feel settled again.  I ordered lots of wedding pictures the other day & am ready to start putting them up around the apartment!

three. Having my OWN BED to sleep in again.  And my favorite sheets.

four. A clean kitten.

five. McKinlie starting college.  This seems like the day we've talked about for so long.  With a friend who is 8 years younger than you, it's fun to vicariously experience those exciting days all over again.

six. Trying new recipes.  This week: Flying Biscuit Grits (Flying Biscuit is our favorite breakfast/brunch place in Atlanta), Skinny Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, & Crock Pot Beef Carnitas.

seven. A husband who is great at his job & works really hard.  And I work really hard at not being in a bad mood when he has to work late.

eight. Crafting things for our apartment.

nine. Waking up to bunches of texts every morning because everyone I know lives in a different time zone.

ten. My dad's birthday was this week.  Can't wait til he & my mom come to visit in October!

eleven. Our two year "meetiversary," as Grayson called it.  We met at a Braves game in August 2011 (ironically, since neither of us cares anything about baseball) we went to with our Young Singles department at church.  And then started dating almost a year later.  [This picture was at another Braves game with the YS about a week before we got engaged.]

twelve. And this weekend is a year since we got engaged!  More on that story later.

thirteen. Figuring out where to go to buy what around here.  It's hard getting used to all different brands & figuring out what is cheapest at which grocery store, but I think we've finally got a pretty good idea.

fourteen. Facetiming with my brother!  Technology makes this whole living-on-the-other-side-of-the-country thing a lot easier.

fifteen.  Reorganized Pinterest boards.  Mine had just gotten out of hand.  My recipes are all separated out now & much easier to find.

sixteen.  I also added a board with some of my favorite blogs that I follow & posts that I know I'll need to come back to & read again one day.

seventeen. Unpacking I found lots of treasures.  Some things that were never even unpacked in our old apartment.  Like my favorite cat mug!  [I said this was Cat Eckleberg, but only my brother got it...]

eighteen. I love having our apartment set up.  We have a big window in the living room & I love sitting here in the sun, reading & drinking coffee in the mornings.

nineteen. I loved my years in Dahlonega during college & always being able to see the mountains.  Glad to be back near some mountains.

twenty. I love this tree outside our balcony.  I sat outside to paint something the other day & it was just nice to have something pretty & pink to look at.

twenty-one. The countdown is ON.

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  1. thanks for linking up again! beautiful blog, beautiful pictures and a beautiful list.