Friday, August 9, 2013

21 Graces | Week 1

Linking up for 21 Graces today with Jordy Liz Blogs.

  1. an encouraging husband.
  2. trips booked for my parents to visit...
  3. ...& for Grayson's parents to come to visit!
  4. having a set date of when we'll get all of our furniture & no longer be living in an empty apartment!
  5. no-more-air-mattress countdown: 5 more sleeps.
  6. real mail from Rachel!
  7. having internet again & no more using up all our data on our phones!
  8. Skype dates with Cait.
  9. a huge Target...
  10. ...with a big clearance section that I can't wait to visit once I get a job!
  11. apples with peanut butter.
  12. a husband who comes home on time at the end of the work day, even if he has more work he has to do from home that night.
  13. finding one Christmas tree candle (our favorite & one of the few Grayson approves of) after going to several Yankee Candle stores.
  14. free movie tickets.
  15. a newly-discovered coffee creamer that I like (though I'm still mourning that I can't find coconut creamer in California).
  16. encouraging texts.
  17. a Safeway I don't hate (when we came to visit Cali, I apparently only went to the bad ones, but there's a good one close to our apartment).
  18. living close to the coast.
  19. today was the first time I made coffee since we got married.  223 days ago.  pretty good record.
  20. a husband who will come home & play a card game even after he's worked for 12 hours.
  21. planning weekend excursions.

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  1. #12 is such a blessing! thank you for linking up. :)