Friday, August 23, 2013

21 Graces | Week 3

My favorite weekly link up - 21 Graces.  See an introduction here.

one. Discovering a Starbucks gift card we didn't know we had.

two. Starting to decorate & make our apartment look more homey.

 three. Someone to eat things that I bake.

four. Weather cool enough to wear the Brooks running shirt I got on a realllly good sale a few months ago.

five. Finding a park where I can run.

six. Open windows.

seven. Having new pictures printed.

eight. Perfect sunroof weather.

nine. Real letters in the mail.

ten. Book recommendations from friends.

eleven. Kitchen gadgets that just make me happy.

 twelve. Making pretty letters.

thirteen. Funny-looking California squirrels.

fourteen. Quality people watching.

fifteen. Good nail polish that actually stays on for more than a day without getting chipped.

sixteen. Salted caramel sauce.

seventeen. A mantel to decorate.  Still a work in progress...

eighteen. Walks around the little downtown areas around here.

nineteen. Old tv shows.

twenty. Spending some time in a Hebrew/Greek dictionary.

twenty-one. A recovered journal.  Sometimes I just get tired of one before it's out of pages, so it requires a little makeover.


  1. I was starting to think we shared the same life....but then you lost me at #20! LOL! Far too advanced for me! Have a blessed week form a fellow Cali girl!

  2. I do the same thing with #21! Thanks for linking up last week. :) Just posted this week's link up!