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August 24, 2012

One year ago today, Grayson Carr asked me to be his wife.  At that point, we had dated for 97 days.  We knew very early on that marriage was part of God's plan for us, we just had to wait for the right timing.

We didn't rush into things.  Even though we both knew really soon after we started dating, we didn't talk to each other for awhile.  Even when we did, you could tell Grayson was nervous to bring it up because he thought I might think he was crazy.  But I didn't!  Well...I did think he was kind of crazy & still do, but not because he wanted to get married.  ;)

On Wednesday of that week, we had a prayer meeting at church.  We would normally have sat with some of our friends, but we sat with Grayson's parents that night.  I didn't think anything about it, but I found out later that that was the beginning of his scheming.  

On Friday when I was at work, Kelly, one of our Young Singles leaders at church, texted me to see if I could come by the church that afternoon to pick up some material to read.  We already had plans, so I told her I'd get it on Sunday.  Immediately after that, Grayson texted me to see if I got "the same" text from Kelly & said we'd just stop by the church & get it on the way to dinner.

When I got home from work, I was expecting him to already be at my house, but he wasn't.  I called to see where we were going so I could decide what to wear.  He was very cool throughout this conversation - kind of wishy washy, like he hadn't really thought about what we were doing yet.

So he picked me up & we got to the church a few minutes later, where we had this conversation:
me: Is she meeting us out here?  She must be about to leave anyway.
Grayson: No, we have to go in & get it.
me: Doesn't she know I'm starvvvvving?  I'm sure she's about to leave anyway!
[I said all of this while we're walking toward the church, but not even the building that Kelly's office is in.  That thought never occurred to me.]

As soon as we got to this grassy area, Grayson interrupted whatever very important thing I was probably saying, & got down on one knee.  Apparently he couldn't wait any longer!  He said great things about what marriage is, according to the Bible.  God intends marriage to be a picture of the Gospel, & that has been our prayer from the beginning.

After a few moments by ourselves, Grayson turned & pointed to Kelly & our friend Darby who were hiding to take pictures a little ways away.  As so many of my friends had already gotten engaged & married, I had a pretty good idea of what I would want.  Proposal pictures were high on the list, but I'd never told him that.  

We had a little mini celebration there in the church parking lot before we left for dinner in Atlanta.  

If I'd had my way, we would have gotten married at our church.  First Baptist Woodstock was why we met, & where we got to know each other, & played a huge role in both of our lives, but it's a really big church & even the chapel is bigger than what we wanted for a wedding.  For that reason, I love that Grayson chose there to propose.  It's a place that will always be special to us & we can always go back to.

That was one of the best nights of my life.

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