Wednesday, August 7, 2013

San Francisco Woes

This past Saturday we set out to San Francisco, about forty-five minutes from us.  I'm not sure why, but we just don't do San Francisco well.  I think we need some pointers.  Both times we've been, the roads were a nightmare to navigate, GPS got confused, & it was just kind of a let down.  Everyone else I know loves San there must be something we're missing out on.  I think I just need to know the good places to go.

Regardless, we had a good day.  Walked a good ways through Golden Gate park, & then Grayson found a good trail to get a good view of the bridge so I could take pictures.  

I still can't believe the weather.  Or that within 30 minutes we can be standing on the beach!

What are we doing wrong?  Where do we need to be going in San Fran?

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