East West Design Co started as a "one day" dream shared by two friends. We planned when our shop would open and what we would create, but it was always down the road. Until it just suddenly seemed right. We felt like God was saying "yes, NOW!" 

What we create comes from the beauty around us and how God is working in our hearts. Inspired by everything vintage, colorful, whimsical, and magical, our aim is to put onto paper just a smidgen of the wonder that surrounds us. We long to cover your walls and flood your mailboxes with encouragement and inspiration!

If you're interested in featuring our shop on your blog, e-mail us at, & let's chat!

These are just a few, & we're adding more all the time (Follow @eastwestdesignco for sneak peeks & special offers)!  Feel free to contact us about custom items, as well!

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