Tuesday, September 3, 2013

San Fran: Take 3

I've written before about how we just don't do San Francisco well.  Until yesterday.

Usually we just go places & then figure out what we're going to do.  We don't really like having an agenda.  Which is odd, since I like to plan every other little detail of life.  But for whatever reason, we normally just get in the car & go.

We realized that just wasn't going to work for San Francisco.  At least not for us since we don't know the city.  So yesterday we got up & made a plan.  Grayson mapped everything out & we were off.

We parked near Chinatown & walked around there for awhile.  Grayson spent several months in China during college, so he always loves getting real Chinese food again.

From there we took the cable car a little ways to the bay.  That was my favorite part!

We explored several of the piers there.  There was a great view of the Golden Gate & Alcatraz.

We had dessert at Trish's Mini Donuts (where I'm sure we'll be going back) & then took a very hilly walk back to the car.  Such a great Labor Day.  Glad we can finally like San Francisco.  So thankful for a husband who likes to GO as much (sometimes more...) than I do.

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