Friday, September 6, 2013

21 Graces | Week 5

Find an introduction to 21 Graces here, & link up at Jordy Liz Blogs!

one. A long weekend...

two. ...& getting to sleep in twice.

three. A How I Met Your Mother marathon...trying to catch up before the new season starts!

four. And...we finished season 7 in about 4 days.  One more to go!

six. 10 minutes of rain on our way back from San Fran.

seven. First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!

eight. First ride in a cable car.

nine. Making a shutterfly share site to share pictures with our non-Facebooking parents.

ten. Good creamer after being out of mine for awhile.

eleven. Finally buying a cabinet to use as a pantry...& replacing the cardboard box that did hold our groceries!

twelve. Mailing birthday presents!

thirteen. New recipes - this week I tried this, this, & this.

fourteen. Start of the new Daniel study.

fifteen. New places to photograph.

sixteen. This week Seeley has followed me around everywhere for some reason.  If I went to another room for 2 minutes, she came too.  While I made dinner, she stayed right under my feet.

 seventeen. Quiet mornings.

eighteen. Phone calls just to chat.

nineteen. My parents & Grayson's parents spending Labor Day weekend together.

twenty. Freshly mopped floors.

twenty-one. Fall nail polish colors, my favorites.

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  1. Sweet picture of your kitty! I still miss mine after sending him to my parents when we realized my husband was allergic.

    Thanks for linking up!