Friday, September 13, 2013

21 Graces | Week 6

one | A lazy Saturday morning.

two | The sounds of football on TV.  I don't care about football & don't watch it, but hearing Grayson watch it means fall, & I like fall.

three | Red + blue.  [I keep putting little snippets of our apartment on here.  I hope to get to a "finished for now" point eventually & do whole post on it.]

four | A Sunday drive.

five | TV marathons.  We get addicted to one show & watch all of it in a matter of days.

six | Figuring out how to use things I already have to decorate.

seven | Countdown to our first visitors (Grayson's parents) is within a week!

eight | Good mail days (a check + a save-the-date + new insurance cards + a magazine).

nine | Trying to make flowers last a really long time.

ten | Hanging things on our previously bare walls.

eleven | Grayson coming home to work when he has to work late, so we can sit at the same table.  He works + I paint.

twelve | Encouraging e-mails from Sunday school friends at home.

thirteen | This app.

fourteen | This text.

fifteen | Playing cards one night this week.

sixteen | Parents getting iPhones.  Now they'll get all my texts & actually be able to see my pictures.

seventeen | Getting into a good workout schedule.

eighteen | Good curly hair days.

nineteen | Painting several things this week.

twenty | Open windows & doors on breezy afternoons.

twenty-one | After 3 hours at the DMV, we are officially licensed drivers in California!

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