Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July: 31 Things to Be Thankful For

one. a safe cross-country road trip 

two. a cat who loves long naps & being in the car

three. a husband who isn't too concerned with "making good time" & will go out of the way for adventures 

four. being able to look out my window & see mountains

five. living 30 minutes from the ocean

six. unique flavors of ice cream & such a cute setting at The Penny Ice Creamery

seven. a family to help us get ready to move

eight. a family that we'll miss

nine. mid-70s weather in JULY

ten. good books

eleven. a husband who likes to drive so I get to read those good books

twelve. good Mexican food

thirteen. sunsets over the ocean

fourteen. new places to explore (maybe San Fran this weekend?)

fifteen. a free place to stay until our apartment is ready (tomorrow!!!)

sixteen. Google maps

seventeen. a good camera

eighteen. She Reads Truth devotionals

nineteen. in a state with very few Chick-fil-A's, one is close to us

twenty. leftovers & the ability to eat cheap

twenty-one. being able to live off of one salary for a little while

twenty-two. family & friends who are encouraging in the job hunt

twenty-three. knowledge that God provides friends in every season

twenty-four. sleeping with the windows open at night

twenty-five. friends to discuss books with (as if the characters are real people)

twenty-six. early evening fog coming over the mountains

twenty-seven. a sparkly newly-cleaned ring

twenty-eight. coconut coffee creamer

twenty-nine. sweet cards

thirty. a cat that can be tricked into wearing a glittery, jingle-bell collar

thirty-one. finding a cute, safe apartment to live in

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  1. I hope y'all have the best time getting settled! :) It's an experience all in itself.