Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little life update...

one. We went to my parents for 4th of July weekend.  A 4-day weekend to spend some time with everyone was great.  And I got lots of reading time!

 [Edited with my new favorite app that I'm addicted to.]

two. Got to have lunch on Friday with my mom & Michelle at my favorite Madison Mexican restaurant.  Then met this little deer, & visited some with Jessie.

three. Church at my parents' church on Sunday, & an afternoon with the Carter side of the family.


 four.  Seeley always gets lots of attention when we go to my parents'.  Then she sleeps extra hard the whole way home.  Gearing up for her (hopefully) 3-day nap on the drive to California.

five.  I've tried a few new recipes lately.  The one on the left is Squash & Potato Gratin with Goat Cheese & was delicious.  The right isn't exactly a recipe, but I've found that fancying up a grilled cheese is a great easy weeknight meal...& a good way to use up some extra basil from the squash recipe the night before.  Plus I really like to use these herb scissors we got a few months ago.  They're one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

six.  A rainy 4th of July weekend (or any weekend with my family, really) means lots of games.  My mom's side of the family is always up for a good game & I love that.

seven. Last night we had a great dinner with the Hollenbecks, then Apples to Apples, & homemade ice cream.  While we're on that note, one of our favorite wedding gifts is our ice cream maker.  The recipe book it came with has tons of great ice cream, gelato, & yogurt recipes, & most are really easy.  Gone are the days of loud ice cream makers, ice, rock salt, & impatiently waiting.

eight.  A little moving update: we officially have a place to live (for awhile I thought we'd be homeless), & are moving in...

...but much more on that later.

Off to fold many loads of laundry since we haven't been home at all lately!

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