Saturday, July 13, 2013

Get Out of the Tent

Yesterday was my last day at my job.

It wasn't the job I was looking for...not even close.  But somehow I knew it was the job I needed.  My mom pointed out recently how much this job changed my life.  I took a receptionist position (which only lasted a week before another opportunity came available there & I gladly took it) & a week later, moved to Woodstock where I knew one person.

After about a month of living there, I found a church home & got involved there.  A few months later, my best friend moved back home to Woodstock & lived just a few miles from me.  That's kind of what we'd always planned in college but we never really thought it'd happen.  (Our future children better like each other, too, because we have plans for them to wed.)  I fell in love with my church & stayed occupied with activities with our Young Singles department.  Then I fell in love with one of those young single boys & married him.

Just over two years ago when I took this job & moved here, I didn't really understand why.  It wasn't the kind of position I'd been looking for.  It wasn't in the field I wanted.  It wasn't using my degree.  But God's plans were bigger than mine.

Yesterday I read in the She Reads Truth devotional about Sarai (You really need to check these out if you haven't already.  Currently in the middle of a Women of the Bible series & it's great.  This is the best place to get started.).  The Scripture was from Genesis 17 & 18 when God tells Sarai she's going to have a son, even in her old age, & what does she do?  She laughs, not that any of us can really blame her.  God's plans are often like that.  Unexpected.  Not what we were looking for (but so much more).  Sometimes they aren't fun.  Sometimes there are a lot of seemingly mundane moments, but He's working even in those moments.

My favorite part from the devotional said this:
"We will have our own times when we have the glory of God right in front of us, & we stay in the tent."
I don't want to be in that tent.  There have been many times when I was, but I'm proud of myself that taking this job was not one of them.  Logistically, it didn't make sense.  But I found out later just how much sense it did make because God had something going on that I had no idea about.  The tent is protected & comfortable & familiar.  But I'm so thankful that I did not stay in that tent.


  1. love this! Thanks for sharing! I know God has a plan and I need to realize that even more than I do!

  2. Beautiful story and a testimony of just how The Lord does orchestrate every detail of our lives. Sweetest blessings!