Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Six Things

Lately, I want to blog, but I don't find that I really have much to say. are six things.  Maybe one day I'll come up with a more worthy post.

one.  Seeley has spent much of her time the past few days in this box.  It's nothing special...just a box we had brought groceries in from Costco, but it has quickly become her most prized possession.

two. We leave early early Saturday morning for a trip home & could not be more excited!

three. I've found that you're lucky to find elf makeup at a California Target.  They just don't seem to carry much, if any.  So I finally was almost out of everything & they had a free shipping deal online, so I bought several things, some for the first time.  I've never spent much on makeup.  I'm picky about eye shadow, & love my Urban Decay I got for Christmas, but everything else, cheap is great & I've loved all of this so far.  Even the foundation...I usually use Bare Minerals, but I can't even tell the difference between the two aside from $5 vs. $30.

four. The bad thing about California: it's a long way from Georgia.  The good thing about California: hikes with friends on sunny January days.

five. ...& sunsets & waves.

six. I went to the eye doctor last week & have new glasses on their way to me.  And I got brave.  I decided to get what I like on other people even though I'm a little scared of them on me.  We'll call this the red lipstick principle.  [I got red lipstick for Christmas.  I love it on other people, but I've always been terrified to wear red lipstick.  As it turns out, when you move thousands of miles away from home, not that many people know you, so you don't care too much if you look goofy.  So I've come to love my red lipstick...& I hope the glasses stick to the principle.]

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