Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Recent Favorites

1. Neon Steeple.  This wasn't an album I really got excited about because I wasn't expecting to like it.  So I hadn't even listened to it until a few days ago & now that's just about all I've listened to since.

2. Product photography.  It turns out this is one of my favorite parts of running a shop.  It's just fun to style things how you like & attempt to take pictures that help others envision where they would put a print in their home, or what colors it would look good with, etc.

3. I've had my eye on a Rifle Paper Co. phone case for months, & I finally broke down & got one.  I'm picky about phone cases, & Grayson is even more so.  So one that fits his demands of phone safety & no scratching, & my demands for beauty...that's a pretty tall order to meet, & it does so beautifully.  And the one I got is now on sale.

4. Gifting a kindle book.  On opening day of our shop, Rachel sent me a kindle book as a "happy first day" prize.  I'd never thought of doing that, but it was such a sweet gift & a great, easy way of giving one!  I'll have to keep this in mind.  And I can't wait to start reading what she sent me!

5. I'm developing quite the Etsy wish list lately.  This has been #1 on my list for several weeks, followed closely by this, this, & this.

6. The countdown is on.  My parents arrive in 9 days & are staying much longer than they got to last fall!  And we're going back to Yosemite & taking them!  So excited!

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