Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I think rain is kind of magical.  It's nature's white noise.  The perfect rain scenario is a storm at night, with temperatures just perfect to sleep with the windows open.  It's extra magical if you have clean sheets on your bed & have shaved your legs that day.  There's just not much better than that.

Yesterday afternoon just as I was about to do laundry, I realized it was raining outside.  I suddenly had the urge to get out my oil paints that I haven't used in evidenced by the fact that I had to use pliers to open them...

I sat out on my balcony with a great playlist & the rain & just painted.  Using oil paints always makes me think of my favorite art teacher in high school.  With a noisy classroom, every time she said something about linseed oil, I heard "Lindsey."   

I dream of the day I can have a house with a craft room (which I will call my "atelier" like in this book I love) like one of these...but for now I'll enjoy our apartment balcony & rainy afternoons.

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