Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I love this season of Thanksgiving & how it prompts us to stop & really reflect over how much we've been given.  We should face each day with a spirit of thanksgiving, but that's so often not the case.  Just this year, I have so much to give thanks for.

one. A first (almost) year of marriage that's been more than I ever could've asked for.

two. God's peace about moving 2,500 miles from home...

three. & His provision through every step of that process.

four. The beauty of California, & living in a valley surrounded by mountains (that will soon be covered in snow!).

five. A little more time to read, write, paint, decorate, & run.

six. Seeing an answer after many months of prayers for friends.

seven. Families that sacrificed time & money to come visit us.

eight. A church with a mission of making disciples.

nine. A job (hence the lack of blogging lately) that encourages me & makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.  Even if it's just a part-time job for now, it's one that I enjoy & it helps us out a little bit.

ten. A husband who didn't pressure me in finding a job, & allowed me to wait for something that I would enjoy.

eleven. Families & friends who encouraged me during that process.

twelve. Technology that makes all the miles between here & Georgia not seem quite so far.

thirteen. Though we'd love to be with our families for Thanksgiving & Christmas, we're also thankful for this 1st married holiday season where we're able to start traditions of our own.

fourteen. I've always loved the hustle & bustle of the holidays.  But this year will be simple.  Just the two of us.  Less busyness = more focus on what these seasons are really about.

fifteen. Almost-daily chats with my mom on her drive home from school.

sixteen. Being a tourist in our new city.  We've been so blessed to get to see so many new places over the last few months & we love all these new adventures.

seventeen. A camera (birthday present at the beginning of this year!) to capture these days.

eighteen. Time to try lots of new recipes.

nineteen. Quiet mornings.

twenty. A mantel to decorate.  This may seem trivial, but I love to make things pretty.  I like seeing a little apartment become a home.  And I'm thankful for home.

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