Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some Current Favorites

one. This, on repeat.

two. Signing a lease on a little townhouse we love! (Please excuse the terribly grainy picture.  CamMe is a great self timer app, but not such a great quality from the real camera soon!)

three. Raspberry coffee creamer.  We go through phases with creamer & were kind of in a rut, not loving anything we had.  Recently we started making our own with half & half & flavored syrup, & it's so much better!  We found that Torani makes tons of flavors of sugar-free syrup!  So far we've tried coconut, white chocolate, salted caramel, & raspberry, but the raspberry is my favorite.  And it gives your coffee a fun pink tint :)

four. Learning some fun new watercolor techniques.  (New prints coming to the shop later this week as soon as I can get them all printed, photographed, & listed!)

five. Grayson's mom has been going through lots of old pictures, so I get a few texts a day with little prizes like this.  (Also, the shirt in the picture on the left, he got rid of two weeks ago.  Yep.  You can't even imagine how much more closet space we have after that purging.)

six. Freefall to Fly.  Rachel gifted this book to me on my kindle as a shop opening surprise & I'm just now getting to read it, but loving it.  A more extensive reading post coming later this summer.

seven. This picture.  Seeley is an eraser thief.  When mine go missing, I know about three hiding places to check, & never fail to find at least one or two.  I was trying to take her picture the other night with her stash & she yawned right as I was taking it & then I just couldn't stop laughing at it.


  1. You've inspired me to go purchase "My Lighthouse!" I've been wanting to since I heard it performed in church a few weeks ago.

  2. I LOVE that song too!
    And congrats on the town home.....despite a grainy photo- you two look happy and like you're ready for a new beginning in a beautiful new home! :)