Saturday, December 21, 2013

Life Lately

one. We've been reading Behold the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey this Christmas season & I really like it.  I'd recommend it to anyone for next year. 

two. Today on my run, I got in a fight with the sidewalk (read: tripped on a crack in the sidewalk because I was looking at a cute toddler instead of at my feet), & it won.  Don't think I've been this scraped up since tee ball.

three. I've always wanted a real Christmas tree.  We had one (or maybe more) when I was little, but not since then.  So we found a Christmas tree farm near us & picked our own.  Was just as jolly as I'd always imagined! (And now our apartment smells so merry!)

four. Got the last of our Christmas presents shipped off today!

five. Last Christmas was so busy with Christmas + a wedding 4 days later.  This year is very different.  It'll be just the two of us, but we're skyping in our families :)  & hope to go home in the next month or so!

six. Also last year, Grayson & I just did stockings for each other.  Glad to be able to do a little more this year.  Grayson rarely buys new clothes or anything for himself, so it was fun getting to shop for him this year!

seven. I really think this is Seeley's favorite time of the year.  And she's done pretty well not diving into the tree this year, but she does try to nibble it sometimes.

eight. And I just love getting to wear my Christmas sweater once a year.  It's so comfy!

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