Friday, June 28, 2013

Cali, Here We Come!

On my birthday back in January, Grayson called to tell me his boss wanted us to move to California...from home in Georgia...where I have lived my entire life.

The company is based there, so of course we always knew it was a possibility, but we never really thought it would happen.  Over the previous few months, several things had changed though.  Grayson's original team of four became...just Grayson.

I could hardly think of anything else.  I found all of this information out on my lunch break at work, so you can imagine how much I accomplished the rest of the day.  The thought terrified me...moving across the country, to a state I'd never even been to?  But two weeks later, we were on a plane to Cali to see what I thought.

I was really just going along for a week off work & a free trip.  I didn't really have any intention of moving to California.  While we were there, I would drop Grayson off at the office each morning & go back to the hotel & get ready & go explore while he worked.  Those first few days I was admittedly a little bitter about it.  I found out more & more how much Grayson wanted to do this, but I really was not excited about it one bit.  Over the course of the week, I felt like God gave me a peace about the whole idea.  I realized that, if this is the best thing for Grayson's career & we feel like God is calling us there, then how could I possibly want anything else? three weeks, we're moving to California!

I'm not sure I've ever had equal feelings of excitement & anxiety.  I have a list a mile long of everything that has to be done before this cross-country move.  I'm excited & scared at the same time.  I think the anticipation & unknown is the most frightening part, but I'm thrilled to be planning a big adventure with my best friend & to be going where we feel God is leading us.

That being said...if anyone has people for me to be friends with, job ideas, or church suggestions in the San Jose area, we'd love to hear them!

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  1. love the new blog and can't wait to follow along in your new journey!